Hi all, I wanted to thank everyone that has spurred me on to start this blog about parenting. I also wanted to express the report John Stossel did blew my mind.  No wonder we are in trouble in this world.   I will start by saying that it has been an honor to raise three amazing young ladies, I am far from done.  It is the hardest job anyone could sign up for. Yes it is a choice. I should add here I may not appeal to everyone.  As a matter of fact I am not politically correct, have been known to be a little rough around the edges, have a sharp tongue and have been referred to as a bear cub in a crate of eggs(often).  Having said that I believe that the political correctness has a lot to do with where we are at in our society today and how we are rearing our children.  Growing up with religion and then off into the more spiritual and influences from the Native Americans, yes I am the only child that went to energy camp, believe me when I say I have studied every religion and virtually all cultures.  The end result has allowed me the abilities to view life and why we are here in a far broader view point. The common denominator is “The Golden Rule”. Simple as this right? The Golden rule is defined as an ethical code or morality that essentially states either of the following; One would treat others as one would like others to treat oneself .  A basic principle that should be followed to ensure success in general or in a particular activity. I have recently experienced behavior from college students that […]