The Hour to Empower Coaching Services

Raj is now offering “Karmic, soul coaching”.  Sessions run for a 6  week period of time for one hour each session.  Each session includes intuitive readings along with very practical tools to move through life events.  Clients can be expected to receive practical techniques  to aid in the healing process and move forward from past and current events that are preventing them to fully live an abundant life in all areas.

The only thing constant in life is change, it’s how we deal with it that counts.  Having studied under Sandy Forester and the Inspired Spirit Coaching program, the laws of the Universe are a big part of her coaching practice and therefore a focus within mine.

Psychic-Medium Consultations:

60 Minute Readings $240.00

45 Minute Readings $180.00

30 Minute Readings $130.00 (this is for repeat clients only) best for follow up of previous readings.

For more information on scholarships available, please email