What Others Are Saying about Raj and her work!

" Robin… She came into my life a little over 13 years ago… I met her when she was pregnant with her 2nd daughter and it was an instant connection… I can’t remember when Robin first told me about her ‘special skill’ but I remember the first thing she told me was I was going to marry a foreigner… (I was probably around the age of 13/14 when she told me this…) I remember thinking she was crazy because well I lived in Arizona… and there weren’t tons of foreigners around… so I just said… ‘Okay Robin…’ and I went on with my life.. I remember whenever Robin would tell me something I wouldn’t really think much about it.. just thinking oh she’s giving me ‘mom advice…’ It wasn’t until my first ‘official’ reading Robin gave me was when I was a freshman at Arizona State University – I came to Robin because I was stuck.. I didn’t know where my life was going and I didn’t like ANY of my classes… I turned to Robin to see what she saw in my life.. She started off by telling me I was going to work with children in a higher field than simply just education. She saw me wearing a business suit… She also saw me traveling… She saw international… I changed my major from ‘Special Education/Business’ to ‘Diversity of Education and Human and Family Studies’… My senior year I did an internship at ‘Childhelp USA…’ I worked with children from all walks of life and helped neglected/abused children… I loved it.. I finally loved what I was doing!! I loved all my classes and everything about my degree, it fit me perfect. I remember many of times when I wanted what Robin saw in my life to be ‘wrong’… but, as she saw… it would come true… When I was 20 years old I met ‘the love of my life…’ I went to Robin and said, ‘I found the one’ and to my surprise Robin said, ‘no…’ I wanted her to be wrong… I knew she was wrong… Every time I would see Robin I would ask, ‘has what you saw changed yet!?’ He is the one isn’t he!?… but every time, Robin said, ‘no he is not that one… you just have to wait…’ well a year into the relationship ‘the love of my life’ was no where near being the ‘love of my life…’ and we went our separate ways… Again Robin was right… I went to Robin after this and was like ‘okay Robin, who am I supposed to be with then!?’ and again Robin said you will marry a foreigner… he will be tall with black curly hair… he will have Italian background.. and he will work in a field with ‘controls’… I knew no one of the sort… she said, ‘thats because you haven’t met him yet.., just wait…’ I was 21 years old when she told me all this… When I was 22 years old I graduated from ASU and decided to travel to Australia for a year… During my year abroad I met a tall Italian man with black curly hair from Australia… I honestly didn’t think anything of it until I told Robin I was engaged… and it all clicked.. ROBIN YOU WERE SO RIGHT!… Robin also told me I would live on the ‘East Coast’… I currently live on the east coast of Australia She said, I will be apart from my sister for about 5 years then we will reconnect on the east coast… My sister still lives in Arizona… Robin told me she saw me having an interview and traveling… When she told me this I was looking into joining the Navy so I connected the interview to that and then traveling… BUT, now I can connect it to the last year of my life… I had to have an interview for my Visa to come back to Australia and then traveling back and forth to Australia and the States.. Yet again, Robin was right… I’ve been to many different mediums in my life and thus far Robin has been the most accurate with what she saw in my life… She tells you how it is and she doesn’t sugar coat them… which at times isn’t what you want to hear.. BUT in the end its the best.. I am beyond lucky to have had Robin enter my life and I know I will continue to seek Robin for her readings as I know I can trust in what she says… "
"My name is Dave and I am a 43 year old male living in Taos New Mexico. I often do spiritual readings for individuals and offer guidance should they ask. Throughout my life I myself have sought spiritual guidance as well and received some good, some not so good, some questions have been answered, some have not. A friend of mine scheduled a phone meeting between myself and Raj as a gift to me. I went into it as I do every reading, open minded and ready to receive, but slightly reserved because Raj and I had never met before. The first thing that came across was her warm and caring energy and her overall concern for everyone and everything. I was instantly put at ease and all she had said was hello. Raj began her reading and hit on absolutely everything that I had questions about, even without voicing them. Then, the most incredible thing happened. I never knew my biological father and had only heard bad things about him from my mother and other family members. But I had so many questions about him because I chose to not believe everything I had been told and reserve my judgment for myself and not what others told me. I knew he had passed away when I was 8 years old, but had always had a yearning to know him. I had even sought the counsel of other mediums in the past for this but no one could ever tell me anything. None of them were ever able to “make contact” if you will. Suddenly, Raj began asking me about my biological father, described him to a T ( I had seen a picture of him when I was a little boy and it had stuck with me ever since) and said he was “here”. I almost cried. For 43 years I carried around the curiosity about who he was and what had happened. I had this hole inside of me from never feeling like I knew the truth about him, or even knew him. Every question I had about this man had been answered or confirmed and through Raj, after 43 years, I finally got to meet my father. Not only that, but he is a protective force and guide and I constantly feel him around. Words can not express the gratitude and love that I have for Raj, nor the immensity of the gift she gave me that day during our phone conversation. She is absolutely, hands down one of the best blessings I have ever received and I am so glad I got the chance to meet her."
Dave Hussey


"Robin truly has the ability to access information beyond what we can experience with our five senses. Her decades of work in the healing arts have given her empathic abilities that encompass body, mind, spirit and the interplay between them. Working with Robin helped me gain knowledge and positive assurance about my father I had questioned for years. Her no-nonsense, down to earth approach gets to the heart of what needs attention. The tools she provides are practical and effective. I am grateful to have her on my team!"
Cyndy G.